Big Branch Biological - Ottawa National Forest

Chippewa National Forest

Survey Work 2014-2015

Rare and invasive plant surveys were conducted on the Chippewa National Forest in northeastern Minnesota during the field seasons of 2014 and 2015.

In 2014, we surveyed around 2,000 acres worth of stands in Itasca County, finding many new rare plant sites. In 2015 we surveyed around the same amount.

Highlights of the Chippewa work include:


  • Found 18 populations of 10 species of rare and sensitive plants
  • Found several new invasive species sites
  • Discovered the first known occurrences of Dalea purpurea, Liatris aspera and Sorghastrum nutans in Itasca county


  • Found 7 populations of 5 species of rare and sensitive plants
  • Found new invasive species sites