Habitat Photos

A sampling of habitat types where we've worked. All images are by Michael Terry, except the following, which are © Edwin Holloway: Cypress Swamp, Mafic Fen, Maritime Dune Grassland, Maritime Pine Forest, Pine Barren, Rich Cove Forest, Salt Marsh, Spruce-Fir Forest, and Tidal Freshwater Marsh.
Black Spruce Bog
Black Spruce Bog (Poor Conifer Swamp), Gogebic Co., MI
Cedar-Spruce Swamp
Cedar-Spruce Swamp (Rich Conifer Swamp), surrounding bog pond, Gogebic Co., MI
Cypress-Tupelo Swamp
Cypress-Tupelo Swamp, Southampton Co., VA
Emergent Marsh
Emergent Marsh, Ontonagon Co., MI
Granitic Flatrock
Granitic Flatrock, Powhatan Co., VA
Limestone Barren
Limestone Barren, Russell Co., VA
Mafic Fen
Mafic Fen, Madison Co., VA
Maritime Dune Grassland
Maritime Dune Grassland, Virginia Beach, VA
Maritime Dune Scrub
Maritime Dune Scrub, Northampton Co., VA
Maritime Pine Forest
Maritime Pine Forest, Virginia Beach, VA
Mesic Hardwood Forest
Mesic Hardwood Forest, Ontonagon Co., MI
Mountain Basic Woodland
Mountain Basic Woodland, Botetourt Co., VA
Muskeg, Ontonagon Co., MI
Oak-Heath Forest
Oak-Heath Forest, Albemarle Co., VA
Pine Barren
Pine Barrens(Pine/Scrub Oak sandhills), Isle of Wight Co., VA
Rich Northern Hardwood Forest
Rich Northern Hardwood Forest (Mesic Hardwood Forest), Gogebic Co., MI
Rich Cove Forest
Rich Cove Forest, Bath Co., VA
Salt Marsh
Salt Marsh (Tidal Mesohaline Marsh), Northampton Co., VA
Salt Marsh
Salt Marsh(Tidal Mesohaline Marsh), Middlesex Co., VA
Sedge Meadow
Sedge Meadow (Northern Wet Meadow), Ontonagon Co., MI
Spruce-Fir Forest
Spruce-Fir Forest, Grayson Co., VA
Tamarack-Spruce Bog
Tamarack-Spruce Bog (Poor Conifer Swamp), Gogebic Co., MI
Tidal Freshwater Marsh
Tidal Freshwater Marsh, New Kent Co., VA
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